Release: 1.6 beta

It’s been too long, but here’s the latest release, including the beginnings of a new planting tool that will be updated later this spring. Changes include:

  • Updated pipe palette to indicate current pipe class being input
  • Pipe polyline widths should work with drawings with inch units
  • Implemented metric drawings (needs more testing)
  • Renamed data text files, breaking them down into smaller more readable files.
  • Drawing a sleeve on a pipe sizes that sleeve as twice the diameter of the picked pipe
  • Sleeves are drawn under the pipe they contain.
  • Updates to Hunter I-80s and MP815s.
  • Bug fixes in settings dialog.
  • Early implementation of the planting plan tool.
  • Updated dynamic sprinkler layout to improve swapping existing sprinklers on the fly.
  • Added a timer to zone sizing routine to help monitor and improve performance.
  • Updated default irrigation layer prefix.
  • Bugfix on updating valve designators.
  • Valve blockviews are sorted by description in the valve palette.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvement for mainline (EPANET) sizing calculations.
  • Plant form now allows user to pick a block from the drawing for individual plants.
  • Added support for BricsCAD v20.
  • Implemented MLeader flagnotes.
  • Inserting valves on mainline no longer breaks mainline, mainline is only broken at tees, demands, and size changes.
  • Fixed a bug when changing the pipe size via irrigation properties palette.
  • Bug fixes for BricsCAD v20 MLeaders.
  • Weighted Area routine now cleans up previous error messages when being run again.
  • Improved hatch code Weighted Area, added error handling to prevent blowups when regions couldn’t be created.
  • Fixed a bug when checking or unchecking ‘show radius’ checkbox on sprinkler palette while a command was running.

Release: 1.5 beta

Implemented read/write properties in irrigation properties window.
Added jig to valve insertion
Fixed full/part rotor implementation
Updated Areas2Valves command
Added ribbon to command startup.
Include properties button on all palettes.
Rearranged sprinkler palette
Fixed valve numbering bug.
Fix paint lateral and sprinkler jig to work with rotated views.
Added Rainbird RVAN to imperial database.


Download it here.