Easy and Efficient Irrigation Design Software

Meet Raindrop, our plugin for AutoCAD that helps you create efficient irrigation systems for your landscape planting plans.

Time Saving Workflow

With tools to help with sprinkler layout, pipe input, and zone sizing, Raindrop’s workflow will save you time and frustration. Place sprinklers along polylines and manually with our dynamic sprinkler tool.

A new planting tool helps you create organized planting plans.

A new planting Tool

The planting tool is a new feature, designed to help you produce organized planting plan CDs that are well labeled and easy to quantify.

Accurate Hydraulic Calculations

Hydraulic calculations for pressure and pipe velocities are a snap with Raindrop’s tools. Size and calculate both zone sizing and looped mainline hydraulics with ease.


The equipment database includes major manufacturer’s and is frequently updated with the latest model and nozzle information.

We are working on adding other manufacturers constantly.

Updates to the database are included in the subscription.

Flexible Reporting and Bill of Materials

Raindrop can generate reports for precipitation and hydraulic calculations.
Need a materials take off? Raindrop will provide an accurate materials takeoff ready to drop into an Excel
worksheet or spreadsheet of your choice.

Irrigation schedule tables are quickly generated when required for your submittals.


Landscape Architects

Create organized planting CDs. Upgrade your irrigation tools to streamline your overall CAD process. Iterate through multiple landscape designs with the quick sprinkler layout operations.

Irrigation Designers

Unleash your technical know-how directly in CAD. Manage multiple projects simultaneously with
an incredibly efficient irrigation design process. Create required calculation tables for various permitting


Make use of powerful reporting tools to narrow down your bottom line. Create valued engineered,
robust systems. Generate shop drawings and as-builts with ease.

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